email Google Doc as PDF attachment

It creates PDF document in Downloads folder but when I available it.An inaccuracy notification is actually displayed: Adobe reader could not open up myfile.pdf given that it’s nor a sustained documents style or since the file has actually been actually destroyed …… When I available mydownloads.pdf in full-screen editor (note pad), I observe visibility of html components( the contents of existing phtml data in which getPdf() function is called) along with pdf’s own contents.

You were making an effort to make use of “export as PDF using LINK concern”, which is a poorly documented attribute that is at times useful for Pieces (preparing the perimeters of shipped location), yet is actually excessive for Doctors, if it also exists for them. The above approach must help any kind of kind of satisfied stashed in Google Travel.

I am actually making an effort to get a full page PDF making use of puppeteer as well as my code resembles this, But the resultant is actually multiple pages along with the height equivalent to that of the page.

Incidentally, it is better to utilize MailApp rather than GmailApp when delivering e-mail, because it keeps the degree of permission to what you require: sending emails. With GmailApp, the script is likewise granted approval to accessibility and delete all of your existing emails, which is actually unadvisable for scripts composed through copying, test, and also inaccuracy code from the Web.

I have moderated my authentic solution and also relocated the ‘Page Number Installation’ code to below the authentic ‘Save’ order (as well as duplicated the conserve command after the code that was actually moved). This should allow the brand-new, increased page matter to become accessed. With regards to the data size increase, you have stumbled across an usual problem. The typefaces are actually being installed which is inducing the boost. You are actually also utilizing PDSaveFull. There is a functionality called AVDocSaveOptimized. I’ll look at what can be done to use it.

It seems that you also desire to deliver a link for your consumers, to ensure that they may install the PDF, once it has been actually created. View Exactly how to create PDF file downloadable in HTML web link? for additional on this.

Possess you currently showed that the means you create the PDF report on your server really produces an appropriate PDF documents? You’re web server seems to be to run under Windows, thus double clicking the PDF file you’ve created ought to tell you, if the file is actually ALRIGHT, since typically your Acrobat Audience will certainly not have the ability to open it. If it’s an effective PDF file, then your concern is about downloading and install (certainly not regarding creating) the PDF data.

I am actually trying to affix 2 Google Docs to an email as PDFs. I find numerous examples in regard to Linens as well as have effectively had the ability to email duplicates of pieces as PDF, but I have actually not been able to port this over to Docs.

Below is actually an example of my case through which I am trying to make the e-mail attachments. See feature emailDocAsPDF() towards the bottom

In various scenarios, the PDF accessories are actually either a copy of my original layout Doc or even an image squeeze of “One Account. Every one of” sign in page. When I look at the links that are actually generated (Logger.log) and use all of them, a copy of the proper Doc is actually downloaded.

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