Accessing Office Word object model through results

It’s only a hunch, yet consider that a shot, or even one thing along these lines (i.e. granting accessibility to the CLSID via DCOMCNFG).

Because SmartTags ( are deprecated in Word 2010, what substitutes exist when developing an addin on Office Word 2013? The procedures of highlighting as well as marking words utilizing the Office Word Addin TaskPane 2013 carries out certainly not seem to be an alternative.

Which pressures filling the 32-bit DCOM config manager instead of the 64-bit one and also allows to execute the actions defined within the accepted solution. If this still doesn’t operate, the short article additionally reveals an amount of other achievable workarounds.

I have actually incorporated a link to SmartTags as well as made it even more specific on the tags. It relates to developing an Activity Pane in Word 2013 and trying to observe if there is any sort of substitute for SmartTags which helps taking and also highlighting phrases activity on them in MS Word

I have actually developed a website that permits users to upload office documents after that uses the office object design to convert the document to an HTML file that it at that point presents in an iFrame. What does Representational State mean in REST?

I don’t understand what various other permissions to approve and also where in order to make this “Access is actually denied” inaccuracy disappear. I must be actually providing all of them in the wrong spot, due to the fact that regarding I understand I can’t be actually anymore liberal than “Everybody” “Complete Command”.

For more details concerning this topic, you can also review this blog post on my weblog.

I searched the computer registry for the matching CLSID as well as discovered a matching folder. I included full command to the IUSR _ profile and because of the perseverance of the error I at some point added full control to “everybody” as well as made certain these approvals received to the rest of the folder. I after that included complete management to IUSR _ and once more inevitably included total management to “every person” to my microsoft office folder.

Here, you can easily select [x] Tailor and afterwards Edit, to include consent for the appropriate individual account to turn on and access the needed DCOM application or training class.

If thus, manage DCOMCNFG.EXE, and also visit Component Solutions, Computers, My Personal Computer (or even whatever name), DCOM Config (and you can easily just address “No” if it inquires if you want to take care of just about anything) and also if the activity record message is for an use, after that find it due to the label in case record information, listed here through item label, and also if the activity record message is actually for a CLSID (like the example above) then discover it due to the CLSID” ” (that is actually simply an arbitrary CLSID I inserted in– perhaps it is going to match your 000209FF … above), and also pick More actions … Properties, to the Safety button.

I possess, certainly, included recommendations to Office.interop.word, as well as the site works penalty on my growth maker. When I published it to my creation web server the site functions fine up until I attempt to post a document. I initially obtained an identical mistake that mentioned “COM object misunderstood”. I understood that Word wasn’t mounted on my production web server. So I put up word and right now when the web server attempts to access the word object style I acquire the observing error

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